New! Nonviolent Methods Database

Nonviolence International is a network of resource centers that researches and promotes nonviolent action, a culture of peace, and seeks to reduce violence and passivity worldwide.  NI believes that all people of every culture and religion can employ appropriate nonviolent methods for personal fulfillment, positive social change and international peace.

Building on the enormous contribution of Gene Sharp’s (1973) work, The Politics of Nonviolent Action: The Methods of Nonviolent Action,  Nonviolence International has been collecting and identifying new methods of nonviolent civil resistance into a Nonviolent Methods Database presented here.

Check out this video to learn more about nonviolent methods:

Nonviolent methods can be thought of as nonviolent weapons or tools that are typically utilized as alternative acts of resistance. Sharp’s contributions are generally recognized as the definitive collection of these methods and their classifications are employed by teachers, trainers, activists, and scholars, and have been translated into scores of languages.

For easy searches, the methods are organized in the following fashion:

  1. Methods Using the Medium of the Human Person – gray-blue
  2. Methods Using the Medium of Things – green
  3. Methods Using the Medium of Electronic Communication – yellow
  4. Methods Using the Medium of Human Language – light blue
  5. Methods of Noncooperation – orange
  6. Methods of Intervention – gray
  7. Methods of Prefigurative Actions – gray-blue
  8. Methods of Incentives – blue

Additionally, any methods with a number in parentheses [e.g. (30)] can also be found in Gene Sharp’s collection: “198 Methods of Nonviolent Action”.

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