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I posted a new photo to Facebook #
I posted a new photo to Facebook #
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Love seeks no cause beyond itself and no fruit; it is its own fruit, its own enjoyment. I love because I love; I… # # #
Michael Nagler co-edited […]

Do we live in a meaningless universe?

 Ours is not an empty, disorderly world, but an exquisitely structured web whose design embraces and affects all living things.
–Sally Goerner
WESTERN CIVILIZATION could be considered a grand experiment, culminating in the three-plus centuries of the industrial revolution, to see if the universe could be accounted for without resorting to the concept of a Supreme Being […]

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You only need 10 percent: The science behind tipping points and their impact on climate activism

Way back in 2000, author Malcolm Gladwell published The Tipping Point, a book that explains how ideas and messages spread like viruses. With catchy phrases of its own, like “the law of the few”–which attributes the success of any social epidemic to 20 percent of the population–The Tipping Point led to an explosion in the […]

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History has taught me that […]

Violence and Evolution: Where Do We Stand?

by Michael Nagler, edited by Tom Hastings at Peace Voice on December 20, 2011
How do we measure violence?

The question has come up because of recent studies by Harvard psychologist Steven Pinker, featured on TED among other venues, which seem to show that, contrary to common opinion, violence has been steadily decreasing by a number of […]

Coming home from killing

The recent British film In Our Name is a returning-soldier drama featuring a married woman, Suzy, who leaves her husband and little girl to fight in Iraq. Because she’s involved in the killing of a little girl during her tour—this part is based on a true story, but it happened to a man—she returns home only to […]

Why racism doesn’t die

This country is famous for one of the most organized and inspiring nonviolent movements in modern history. It unfolded sixty years ago in the aftermath of the Holocaust in Europe and focused on the racism that was an unresolved legacy of the Civil War. It was brilliant, but sadly, not enough. Last week in Mississippi, […]

95% Failure

Photo by: vincentevanpig
I was just talking to a scientist friend of mine.  He told me, and I quote, that “unfortunately, in science, we fail 95% of the time, we inch along towards a breakthrough.”  There is a lot of good talk about failure lately, but I don’t think I had ever heard it this way […]