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The Press Under Attack

The press in the US is under permanent attack by President Donald Trump. But the press is also under fierce attack by presidents and other elected officials in many deeply polarized countries, including Russia, Hungary, Venezuela, and Mexico. Whether through smear campaigns, strict regulation, … Continue reading

Regimes versus Repression: The Unraveling of Democratic Institutions

By Jennifer Earl Researchers interested in repression have historically seen repression as something independent from regime type (even if certain kinds of regimes may be more likely to repress), something that is costly and hence scarce (creating important allocation decisions for … Continue reading

Violence Against the Press in Mexico

By Katherine Corcoran References 1. Committee to Protect Journalists 2. Why Did the Drug Cartels Go to War in Mexico, Journal of Comparative Political Studies, Aug. 2, 2017 by Guillermo Trejo and Sandra Ley 3.Federal Mechanism for Protection of Human Rights … Continue reading

Repression of Black Social Movements

By Crystal Nicole Eddins Even during times of ‘normalcy’, or non-protest cycles, African descendants’ structural realities are constrained and shaped by oppressive targeting due to pervasive, institutionalized racism and capitalist exploitation. Repression against black people’s resistance activities historically has been especially … Continue reading