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How would Gandhi lead the leaderless?

by Michael Nagler | Edited and posted at Waging Nonviolence on November 23, 2011

In the spring of 2005 I stood on the roof of the Student Union building in Berkeley, overlooking Sproul Plaza, where I had lived through the exhilaration of the Free Speech Movement four-plus decades earlier. Milling about behind me were about thirty or so […]

Violence and Evolution: Where Do We Stand?

by Michael Nagler, edited by Tom Hastings at Peace Voice on December 20, 2011
How do we measure violence?

The question has come up because of recent studies by Harvard psychologist Steven Pinker, featured on TED among other venues, which seem to show that, contrary to common opinion, violence has been steadily decreasing by a number of […]

Metta on the radio in Point Reyes KWMR

Stephanie and Michael of the Metta Center interviewed by Russ Faure Brac on KWMR out of Point Reyes on November 20, 2011 on nonviolent leadership, OWS, Gandhi and more!
A very entertaining one hour broadcast!
Download audio file (point-reyes.mp3)

Stop the funeral music

Can peace academics influence public opinion? Who listens to them? Who reads them in the op-ed pages? Who watches them on tv?Apparently, it’s decided. There are no more public intellectuals, let alone public peace intellectuals. Stephen Bates (2011) no…