Category: Free speech

Experiments with truth: 7/25/11

Two months after they launched a movement against the economic crisis and soaring unemployment, thousands of Spain’s so-called “indignant” protesters converged on Madrid again on Saturday. Several Syrian towns observed calls for a general strike on Saturday, a day after protests in which at least nine people were killed by security forces. Ecuador’s largest circulation […]

Speech free of intimidation is actual free speech

A US soldier in Mogadishu in 1993, in Falujah in 2005, or in Kandahar in 2011 is walking around in someone else’s country full of people who never did a single thing against the US until the US troops invaded. Even in Afghanistan, a nation that harbore…

“Obstructing the pavement” for peace in Britain

The Economist has seen fit to lend its sole obituary in the latest issue to Brian Haw, “peace campaigner,” who died on June 18th. For ten years, he camped outside the British Parliament in protest of his country’s wars abroad. At first, the onetime evangelist was considered, by the likes of Tony Blair, something of […]

Experiments with truth: 6/1/11

About 20,000 people assembled in the Greek capital’s central Syntagma Square on Sunday, responding to calls on social networking sites for gatherings across Europe to demand “real democracy”. Tens of thousands of mostly liberal protesters again filled Cairo’s Tahrir Square on Friday to call on the military council to end the practice of sending civilians […]

Experiments with truth: 5/23/11

Tens of thousands of demonstrators continued their week-long occupation of Puerta del Sol Square in Madrid yesterday in defiance of bans against the gatherings. Several thousand people demonstrated at Michigan’s Capitol in Lansing on Saturday to protest past and future cuts in state funding for public schools. More than 10,000 Georgians rallied on Saturday in […]

Utah court to activists: imitate corporations all you like

According to a decision issued on Monday, a Utah federal court handed a victory to activists who imitate corporate spokespeople and websites in order to make a political point. (See, for instance, the recent Yes Men action against GE’s tax evasion.) The case was between the group Youth for Climate Truth and the infamous Koch […]