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Strap on your Pacifist Library

by Nathaniel Katz and Valentina Curandi. Toma Sik once said that you can get all you need from a book by reading the first and last chapters. Sik was a Hungarian-Israeli anarcho-pacifist, utopian socialist, anti-Zionist, vegan, world citizen and Esperantist. He had a very extensive library of pacifist books, of which he mostly just read […]

Five reasons to get naked (in protest)

by Nadine Bloch. It’s a plain truth — uncovering oneself in an action can garner a lot of media coverage. There’s a long and fabulous history of baring one’s beliefs while dropping one’s briefs, of taking it off to get on the news. Plus, it’s really easy to think of puns on the subject. Last […]

A veteran gone AWOL, a vote for nobody

by Micah Turner. I fought four combat tours in the U.S. Army; I thought when I went AWOL from Fort Bragg that the war was over for me. But I found myself in the heart of a new battle — a war of words and a war of peace-fighters who put their lives on the […]

Have the Adults Left the Room?

The Reverend Anton Jacobs, a good friend, recently wrote an article which he titled, “Tis the Season to be Outspoken.” In the article he wonders if perhaps we in the U.S. are not suffering from what he calls “cultural pollution.” He asks, ?…

Democratically Speaking: Chee Soon Juan promotes nonviolent action in Singapore

by Kirsten Han. Singapore, a densely-packed city-state of over five million, does not have a very vibrant political scene. The country has been governed by a single party for over five decades; the People’s Action Party (PAP) has been calling the shots even before independence was thrust upon us in 1965. The government has made […]

Occupy’s ‘bat signal’ tries to keep the movement in spotlight

by Peter Rugh. In the back of a large white van parked on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, across from the mansion that houses the Russian consulate, Lucky Tran sits hunched over a laptop. Two members of Tran’s team are positioned nearby, ready to document what comes next in photo and video. “I’ve scouted the area,” […]

Russian opposition looks to move forward after Pussy Riot trial

by Anna Derinova. The anti-Putin dissent that has been brewing inside Russia for the past year finally reached the global mainstream last week when three women from the Russian punk band Pussy Riot were convicted of “premeditated hooliganism … motivated by religious hatred” and sentenced to two years in prison. Suddenly, international media outlets were […]

Fight over NDAA’s police-state provisions continues in court

by Jake Olzen. The Obama administration continues to defend its right to violate the rights of the people it is supposed to govern. On August 6, Department of Justice lawyers filed an appeal in federal court against a recent ruling that temporarily enjoined section 1021 of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which gives powers […]

Be Careful What You Tweet

Guy Adams, a reporter, had his Twitter account suspended after he tweeted complaints about a Twitter business partner, NBC. Twitter “proactively” brought the tweet to NBC’s attention and encouraged NBC to file a complaint. When NBC did complain, Twitter kicked … Continue reading

Hong Kong’s duty to remember Tiananmen

by Jason Q. Ng. When Chinese pro-democracy activist and Tiananmen Square veteran Li Wangyang was found dead under suspicious circumstances earlier this month, it was the people of Hong Kong who led the calls for an independent investigation. Just this week, after thousands staged protests in Hong Kong, Chinese officials agreed to launch an inquiry into […]