Author: Nadine Bloch

5 true-love stories for Valentine’s Day

by Nadine Bloch. Sure, you can do the green-consumer thing and buy your honey some fair-trade, organic, no-sugar-added, sustainably produced chocolate hearts for Valentine’s Day. But you can also show your true feelings by getting up off your butt and doing something for the world — and that would actually be more historically accurate. The […]

Black hoods and commandos — coming to your town?

by Nadine Bloch. Last month, black hoods and orange jumpsuits stood out in stark contrast to the marbled pillars of the U.S. Supreme Court. It’s a jarring image — shackled prisoners framed by stately columns more accustomed to suited lawyers and robed judges. This guerrilla theater action on the 11th anniversary of the opening of […]

Forty years of creative actions for choice

by Nadine Bloch. Today marks the anniversary of the 1973 passage of Roe v. Wade, the watershed Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion under most circumstances in the United States. Since then, there has been an ongoing struggle to defend women’s right to choose, which has involved myriad creative actions. In the 1990s, for instance, […]

The day Aaron Swartz helped make the Internet go dark

by Nadine Bloch. Jan. 18, 2012: The Internet went dark. Google slapped a solid, black rectangle over its logo. Wikipedia turned to shades of gray with the words “Imagine a world without free knowledge” and a zip code tool for contacting Congress. More than 115,000 websites and blogs participated that day; many sites not only […]