Author: Mobilizing Ideas

Threat, Here and Elsewhere

By Soon Park This is a special phase in the history of the United States, one characterized by threat. Yet, the dynamics of threat are playing out a bit differently now than in the recent past. How so? A short answer: … Continue reading

Allies in a Dangerous Time

By Amanda Pullum The enemy of my enemy, as the saying goes, is my friend. While we should probably be skeptical of this attitude toward friendship, it can help us understand why activists sometimes form short-term–or even seemingly paradoxical–alliances during times … Continue reading

The Politics of Demobilization: A Review of Soybeans and Power

By Federico M. Rossi Lapegna, Pablo (2016), Soybeans and Power: Genetically Modified Crops, Environmental Politics, and Social Movements in Argentina (New York: Oxford University Press). Soybeans and Power by Pablo Lapegna takes the case of a rural community in Formosa (a … Continue reading

“There is nothing neutral about the net”: Millennials and Activism on Digital Policy

By Alison N. Novak In a June 2014 segment on network neutrality, John Oliver encouraged his viewers to “turn on caps-lock and fly my pretties” in an effort to encourage the Federal Communications Commission to uphold the principle of network … Continue reading

Millennials and Activism

Generational change and youth involvement hold special importance within social movement studies. Historically, young people have been deeply involved in the most important social movements in the United States and the World, such as the US Civil Rights Movement, the … Continue reading

Hiding in Plain Sight: The Role of Youth in Politics and Activism

By Jennifer Earl When Parkland students began their press for gun control, public reaction varied from inspired, to surprised, to dismissive. Critics charged that the students didn’t have enough experience or knowledge to be involved in the presumptively adult-oriented world of … Continue reading

Twenty Years of Millennials’ Involvement in Social Movements

By Jessica Taft Whenever I read yet another commentary that purports to describe the characteristics of millennials I can’t help but sigh and roll my eyes a bit.  How will they be characterized today, I wonder?  Self-absorbed? Socialists?  Apathetic?  Entrepreneurial?  Fragile? … Continue reading