Author: Mobilizing Ideas

Minding the (racial) gap: Complicating the narrative about the “women’s vote”

By Zakiya Luna No matter what happens at the polls, scholars and activists and those in between will be telling a story about the significance of the results. With the nail biting and revelry, it will be imperative we not succumb … Continue reading

Constructing Narratives about the Political Fortunes of Women in 2018

By Deana A. Rohlinger, Ph.D. Journalists and data junkies alike are gleefully dissecting the gender gap and what it potentially means for the mid-term elections generally and the political fortunes of women specifically. Number-cruncher extraordinaire, FiveThirtyEight, labelled the 2018 midterm … Continue reading

“Grab ‘Em by the Midterms” — A South Bend, IN View of Women’s Voices in Activism and Electoral Politics

By April Lidinsky Ph.D. “Grab ‘em by the Midterms.” That now-iconic rally sign efficiently compresses both women’s activist rage at Donald Trump’s attitude toward women’s bodies and women’s commitment to the power of the ballot. Ours is a contradictory moment … Continue reading