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Nature & Human Purpose: Newsletter

Mullein, a “weed” whose seeds can lay dormant for over 100 years knows its purpose. These plants break up dry soil, their taproots mining nutrients that feed other plant life. Their tall seed heads produce 100,000 to 180,000 seeds, sustaining birds. Mullein live for 2 years, leaving behind mineral-rich matter. What about our purpose? Find out in today’s newsletter You don’t want to miss it: we link to our latest Nonviolence Radio show, which features an interview with Arun Gandhi, grandson of Mahatma Gandhi. Read the August 9, 2017 newsletter. Get the Metta Center’s newsletter. Access the newsletter archives.

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Permaculture and Nonviolence – Podcast

To paraphrase Mahatma Gandhi, a seeker of nonviolence cannot keep out of any area of life; you’re going to find yourself navigating all the paths that humans have created to sustain our life on earth either directly or indirectly because all systems and forms of life are interrelated. We’re going to find the principles of nonviolence in economics, politics, and even agriculture. We want to make these systems regenerative and life-giving, working with nature, not against it.   Enter permaculture.   With our guest Matt Powers of ThePermacultureStudent.Com, we explore some of the ways that permaculture is the expression of nonviolent principles in nature that empowers practical and effective solutions to some of the world’s most urgent crises, like climate change, and transforms the way we see humanity’s promise in the process.    Part two of the show is Michael Nagler’s informative segment, Nonviolence in the News. Find the latest news and analysis from the world of nonviolence to break through the wall of violence presented by the corporat mass-media! 

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Reclaiming Democracy: Newsletter

Bringing Back Democracy What’s the underlying belief about human nature that’s making the erosion of democracy possible, and how can we repair it? That’s a question we ought to be asking. “Tyranny feeds on the belief that we are separate from one another,” writes Michael Nagler in his intro. “Democracy, and its signal feature of nonviolence, are nourished by the understanding that humans are deeply connected and essentially spirit.” This edition includes tools to learn about and share the New Story, a major key to bringing back democracy. Read the July 26, 2017 newsletter. Get the Metta Center’s newsletter. Access the newsletter archives.

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Arun Gandhi: Lessons from my Grandfather – podcast

Is anger a problem or a power? Nonviolence Radio speaks with Arun Gandhi, grandson of Mahatma Gandhi, about nonviolence, anger, and lessons from his grandfather with a contemporary lens. Plus catch up with Michael Nagler’s inspiring and informative segment, Nonviolence in the News. See this page for a partial transcript and links from Nonviolence in the News.  If you have trouble with the player click here to download.  

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Soulful Revolution: Newsletter

Love & Revolution: A Time for Growth In her book The Next American Revolution: Sustainable Activism for the Twenty-First Century, Grace Lee Boggs writes about how linking Love and Revolution is an idea whose time has come. We couldn’t agree more! Today we’ve released our bi-weekly newsletter under a new name: Practical Idealist. To us, this is what nonviolence is about—practical idealism. So we’ll continue publishing our newsletter under that banner. This edition includes a big discount on Michael Nagler’s supremely practical Nonviolence Handbook, along with links to some inspiring media. Read the July 12, 2017 newsletter. Get the Metta Center’s newsletter. Access the newsletter archives.

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Faith in Nonviolence: Christian Peacemakers – Podcast

  In this episode we continue our research into major players in the new field of “unarmed peacekeeping” or “third party nonviolent intervention.” This time, we talk with the executive director of Christian Peacemaker Teams about the power of critical community and the role that a religious faith can play in this important work–and how to get involved. In Part II of this show, we have prepared another inspiring up-to-date segment of Nonviolence News with Michael Nagler…for you!     If you have trouble with the player click here to download.

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Nonviolence News – July 7th, 2017

In the last episode of NONVIOLENCE in the News I cited three very hopeful trends developing partly (at least) in response to the vacuum at the top: 1) Devolution of decision making down to state and community levels – where it belonged in the first place!, 2) A political awakening among progressive religious groups  (Sarah’s interview we just heard is a superb example), and 3) “culture jamming” by the group “Subvertising.” Since then ‘devolution’ has become a knock-down, drag out fight between “conservative” states and liberal cities.  A locus to watch in the coming months. OK… on to our standard ‘trifecta’ of resources, news, and events.   1.Resources. Because there is far too much to cover in a half-hour segment may I once again direct your attention to Nonviolent Conflict News (, which “aims to be a dedicated, reliable source of international media coverage on civil resistance.” While single protests generally draw the attention of most media outlets, NVCNews aims to go beyond this, providing a window into in-depth analysis of civil resistance movements, their dynamics, and the full range of nonviolent tactics that they use. NVCNews aggregates news stories from a wide range of independent and conventional media outlets. Each story is accompanied by a summary drawn from its original text, prepared and edited by the site editors, that highlights the story’s relevance to the dynamics of civil resistance, to a specific movement or campaign, or to the larger context of such events.”  It will be interesting to compare their analyses with ours. +From Vimala Thakar (in Awaken Weekly, a feature of comes an         . Audio: “The force of love is the force of total revolution.”  If you agree with me that this is a great title, give it a listen. + FILM(s): “The Women’s March” is a documentary covering the Jan. 21 nationwide march, called the “largest one-day demonstration in US history,” with screenings listed on Eventbrite.  Of course, the limitations of one-off demonstrations and protests are becoming clear. Another forthcoming film is on the New Story, with Charles Eisenstein, Vandana Shiva, and many others: “The End Of Normal.” + BOOK (& interview) Naomi Klein has written an important book: No is not enough! And there is a great interview w/ herself and Michelle Alexander in TruthOut. Stephanie? Stephanie Van Hook: Yes, my problem with this and many other discussions today is that while they’re calling for strategy they don’t actually propose one: they give platforms, wish-lists, no concrete plans.  I also see a danger that these two, or others, might be “Sanderized:” made into leaders that are supposed to do it for us.   2.News. It’s JULY 7th! And again our loyal listeners will know that this is the day on which the UN Disarmament Commission was to – and did! – adopt the treaty that calls for, and is hopefully a key step toward, a complete ban on nuclear weapons.  “Today, 72 years after their invention, states at the United Nations formally adopted a […]

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Power to Transform: Newsletter

We All Have the Power The conventional thinking on power is that it is strictly external, a brutal force that rains down on us “ordinary” people. Yet there’s a much richer view of power, one that increases our capacity for empathy, by building inner strength through practices like meditation. Today’s newsletter touches upon our inner power. Plus: ideas and resources to boost your capacity for empathy. Photo: HANDS UP WALK OUT Rally Prayer Circle led by Erika Totten in front of the US Department of Justice in December 2014. Credit: Elvert Barnes on Flickr Read the June 28, 2017 newsletter. Subscribe to our newsletter.

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Stopping Violence – podcast

“We’re talking about stopping violence with nonviolence.” ~Mary Hanna, Meta Peace Team What kind of training is useful and necessary to use nonviolence to interrupt violence? Mary Hanna, a trainer for the Meta Peace Team in Lansing, Michigan, highlights the work of peace teams and draws on decades of experience in de-escalating violent scenarios to answer this question for Nonviolence Radio. She is recorded at the Metta Center’s office in Petaluma just after hosting a four hour peace team skills and bystander intervention training. In part two of our show, around the half an hour mark, Michael Nagler catches us up on new resources, upcoming events, and general news in the world of nonviolence. It’s inspiring and empowering, so you won’t want to miss it. See  If you have trouble with the player click here to download. 

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Go Forward Gently: Newsletter

Clarity, Not Confusion The speed with which things are moving in opposite directions today is exciting—if not scary! And it’s worldwide: Finland just moved to the right and France to the left, mirroring internal trends in US politics. It shows that people are seriously confused about the state of the world and the forces that will move it one way or the other. At the Metta Center, we have long developed and offered a clear, gentle way forward. Our latest newsletter features several resources for reflecting on your path and connecting with your inner strengths. Read the June 14, 2017 newsletter. Subscribe to our newsletter.

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