Author: Matt Meyer

How legalese can help free Palestine

by Matt Meyer. What does it take to break a “crime of silence”? That was the stated purpose for Bertrand Russell’s original 1966 International War Crimes Tribunal on the Vietnam War, just as it was for last weekend’s New York session of the Russell Tribunal on Palestine. Though some activists see such public reviews as […]

Building bridges between principles and practice

by Matt Meyer. Amidst occupations and uprisings, mass mobilizations and stirring campaigns this year, the question of how to best connect our ideals with more pragmatic considerations has been a constant refrain. Discussions about tactics and their philosophical underpinnings have gotten particularly heated. Often these debates have been based as much on rhetoric and theory […]

New Pan-African nonviolence network formed

by Matt Meyer. Between July 26 and 30, in Johannesburg, South Africa, peacemakers from 12 countries throughout Africa met to share experiences and birthed a new, continent-wide African Nonviolence and Peacebuilding Network (ANPN). As part of a War Resisters International (WRI) initiated African Nonviolence Trainer’s Exchange, the gathering was hosted by South Africa’s Ceasefire Campaign, […]

Soldiering on for peace education — a conversation with retired Nigerian major general Ishaku Danladi Pennap

by Matt Meyer. With a curfew imposed throughout the northeastern Nigerian province of Plateau following the July 7 massacre of over 20 civilians, and then a subsequent attack killing prominent politicians, the issues of security, democracy and peaceful change in that West African country ring through all parts of its dense population. Violent acts of […]

Colorado, Kenya, and the fire this time

by Matt Meyer. The dry air crackles with heat as temperatures climb to record highs for the fifth day in two weeks. The land seems poised for devastation. The unrelenting force of the wildfires spreads from village to village, causing the population to flee in search of shelter in safer parts. The people seem overwhelmed […]